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the Department foundation

The Electrical Engineering Department was found with the establishment of High Industrial Institute in 1960. The beginning was simple as the department had few electrical devices and equipment with a limited number of teaching staff. The department was assisted by foreign experts who worked as members of the teaching staff since its establishment ( no Iraqi teaching staff was available then). Two labs were developed namely; electronics lab and electrical engineering lab. The High Industrial Institute was then renamed to be The College of Industry belonging to the Ministry of Education and later to the Industrial Engineering College in 1968 and finally to the University of Technology in 1975. The department was one of the founding bodies to the university. In 1968, the department was renamed to become Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department due to the increasing country needs to the specialization of electrical engineering.

Building and developing curricula and study plans went on and postgraduate studies were introduced accompanied with elaborating classes and labs to ensure utmost conditions to carry out the tasks of the department to implement university education and to go along with the world technological, engineering and scientific development.

To achieve the above objectives, postgraduate studies were brought forward in the academic year 1976-1977 including basic electrical engineering specialties namely; power engineering, electronics engineering and communication engineering.