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The Department of Electrical Engineering Organizes a Seminar




Within the activities of the scientific and cultural activities of the second semester of the Department of Electrical Engineering for the academic year 2017-2018, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hadeel Nasrat Abdullah, Dr. Najat Hader Khalaf, Lecturer Faten Fakhry Khazal and Mr. Majid Ahmed Ali delivered a lecture entitled (Procedural Methods: Control and Record Keeping) in the hall of the Dijla with the presence of the Head of the Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Dari Yuosuf Mahmoud, both Scientific and Administrative Deputies, Heads of Scientific Branches and number of teaching staff and employees of the Department.

The seminar tackled the importance of this procedure by controlling the documents and records necessary to manage the quality of the educational labs in terms of their approval prior to issuance, modification and circulation, in addition to the ease of diagnosis and prevention of the use of cancellations, as well as determining the results of laboratory quality applications responsible for the record and duration of retention. At the end of the seminar, discussion, answers to questions and inquiries were allowed.

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