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PhD Student Debate


PhD student (Mustafa Fawzi Mohammed) defended his thesis on Thursday 5/2/2019 at Dejla Hall in the department at 9:00 am. His thesis is entitled:

(Design and Implementation of Direct to Alternating Current Convertor with High Efficiency and a Low Harmonics)

The discussion committee consisted of:

1. Prof. Dr. Essam Mohammed Abdulbaki as president

 2. Assist. Prof. Dr. Dhari Yousef Mahmood as a member
 3 Assist. Prof. Dr. Turki Kahyush Hassan as a member
4. Assist. Prof. Dr. Jamal Abdulkarim Mohammed as a member
 5. Assist. Prof. Dr. Thamer Mohammed Abdulwwahab as a member
 6. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein Ahmed as a member and supervisor
 7. Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdeahim Dhiab Hummoud as a member and supervisor


The current research includes the design and implementation of a direct to alternating current converter which has the ability to conduct the conversion process with high efficiency and low harmonics. The convertor consists of two parts: the direct voltage booster and the inverter parts. The direct voltage booster consists of two successive stages of continuous voltage boosting circuitry. The first phase of the DC-type DC booster consists of a two-phase phase-out and phase-up. Work and control of the work cycle of each stage is independent. The voltages raised in this section can change linearly with little voltage for each switch.

At the end of the debate, the thesis was accepted and the student was awarded the PhD degree.

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