Friday, 31 January 2020 13:09



    Dr. Aws Al-Taie has published a scientific research entitled

“Understanding Surface Flashover Strength in Cryogenic Helium Gas for Superconducting Devices”

    in the prestigious journal “IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity” (Volume: 29 , Issue: 5 , Aug. 2019). The journal is indexed in Clarivate Analytics with an impact factor of 1.692.

    The paper demonstrated the development and fabrication of a surface flashover experiment setup, which can be used at both room and cryogenic temperatures to characterize surface flashover in a GHe environment, and the obtained results. The work was crucial for developing GHe cooled HTS devices for power applications since one of the limitations is determining suitable insulation designs. There would be significant reductions in cost, time, and effort if insulation designs could be accurately measured and characterized at room temperature instead of cryogenic temperatures. The insulation of HTS power devices contains solid insulation materials, and it is necessary to confirm that the interaction between the solid insulation and GHe is also independent of temperature.

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