Sunday, 12 January 2020 13:08

Ph.D Engineering Thesis Defense


    A Doctor of Philosophy thesis in titled

“ Design and Implementation of Intelligent Processor for Radar Performance Improvement”

    was defended successfully, with minor corrections, by the student “Gufran Mahdi Hatem” on 29 Dec. 2019 in Dijla conference room in the Department of Electrical Engineering. The defense committee consisted from Prof. Dr. Juad K. Ali, Chairman, Prof. Dr. Mahmood Farhan Musleh, Member, Prof. Dr. Hadi T. Zeboon, Prof. Dr. Jafer W. Abdulsada, Member, Prof. Dr. Thamir R. Saeed, Supervisor.

    The thesis proposed designing a modifying system for the false detection for the reflected signal with acceptable error average, so it can work with any kind of data for the sake of continuous uninterruptable operation.

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