Sunday, 12 January 2020 13:08

Digital Education Content and Electronic Posting Workshop




    A workshop on the Digital Education Content and Electronic Posting was held on the 9th of Jan. 2020 in Control and Systems Engineering Department Conference room by the Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relation Department for the sake of developing the faculty of the University of Technology per the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research activities. The workshop was presented by the Ministerial Committee for the project, Dr. Amer Saleem Al-Ameer, University of Information Technology, Chair, Asst. Prof. Dr. Oday A. Ahamed, University of Technology, Member, and Mr. Haitham Ali Kadhim, Ministry of Education, Member. The workshop discussed the many interactive aspects of the digital education including tools usage and the digital classrooms and platform management …etc.

The workshop was attended by the University of Technology (UoT) Scientific and Administrative vice-presidents, Head of the Departments, and a large number of faculty UoT members and the Iraqi Universities.


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