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    The first graduate studies program in the department was limited to opening specialized high diploma in power systems and electronics, and it was created in the academic year 1976/1977, which is one year following the establishment of the University of Technology. In the academic year 1981/1982, a high diploma in communication engineering has been created. The first master's program was established in the department in the fields of power system, electronics, and commutations in 1982/1983. In 1987/1988, a solid-state master specialty has been created in addition to the earlier three specializations. Since its establishment, the Graduate Studies in the department has always managed to supply the country with modern scientific programs on the levels of diploma, master’s, and doctoral, and high specialization in the fields of electrical engineering. The Graduate Studies division supervises on all activities related to the graduate studies in the department in coordination with the graduate studies committees in the Electrical and Electronic and Communications Engineering Divisions.     Examination Schedule of the First Semester for the Academic Year ‎2017-2018     Description of the Academic Program     Admission Requirements     Registration Requirements     Graduation Requirements     Admission Plan    

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    Study Plan of Electrical Engineering Division Study Plan of Electronic Engineering Division

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Research Published in Scientific Journals with (Impact Factor)

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1 Design of Tri-Band Bandpass Filter Based On Quad-Sections SIR Resonator for Wireless Applications
2 Dual-Mode Dual-Band Microstrip Bandpass Filter Based on Fourth Iteration T-Square Fraction and Shorting Pin
3 Wearable Conformal Antenna for 2.4 GHz Wireless Body Area Networks
4 Anew GCPW- Fed Fractal printed monopole Antenna Based on Tent Transformation For modern Communication systems
5 A Miniature Fractal Based Dual-mode Dual-band Microstrip BPF Design
6 Microstrip-Fed Printed Slot Antennas Based on Hilbert-Type Space-Filling Curves for Wireless Communication Systems
7 Wide Bandpass and Narrow Bandstop Microstrip Filters Based on Hilbert Fractal Geometry
8 Miniaturized Microstrip Bandpass Filters Based on Moore Fractal Geometry
9 New Microstrip Bandpass Filter Designs Based on Stepped Impedance Hilbert Fractal Resonator
10 Cantor Fractal-based Printed Slot Antenna for Dual-band Wireless Applications  
11 Modulation Techniques for Biomedical Implanted Devices and Their Challenges
12 Efficient Data And Power Transfer For Bio-Implanted Devices Based On Ask Modulation Techniques
13 Efficient Low-Power Recovery Circuits for Bio-implanted Micro-Sensors
14 Development of Bio-Implanted Micro-System With Self-Recovery Ask Demodulator For Transcutaneous Applications
15 Inductive coupling links for lowest misalignment effects in transcutaneous implanted devices
16 Energy harvesting for the implantable biomedical devices: issues and challenges
17 Analysis and Optimization of Spiral Circular Inductive Coupling Link for Bio-Implanted Applications on Air and within Human Tissue
18 Automatic Frequency Controller for Power Amplifiers Used in Bio-Implanted Applications: Issues and Challenges
19 Recognition of QAM Signals with Low SNR Using a Combined Threshold Algorithm

Efficient Numeral VG-RAM Pattern Recognition Using Manhattan Distance Calculation and Minimization Algorithm

21 Miniaturized High-Order Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filters with Multiple Band Rejection Notches
22 Miniaturized Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Using E-Shape Microstrip Structure
23 Compact Marchand Balun Circuit For UWB Application
24 Active Fault Tolerant Control for Nonlinear System with Simultaneous Actuator and Sensor Faults
25 Active sensor fault tolerant output feedback tracking control for wind turbine system via T-S model
26 Integral Sliding Mode Approach to Robust Control System Against Friction Force
27 A Robust Adaptive Observer-Based Time Varying Fault Estimation
28 Multilayered stepped impedance loaded-resonator for compact dual-band rejection Filter design

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