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    The first graduate studies program in the department was limited to opening specialized high diploma in power systems and electronics, and it was created in the academic year 1976/1977, which is one year following the establishment of the University of Technology. In the academic year 1981/1982, a high diploma in communication engineering has been created. The first master's program was established in the department in the fields of power system, electronics, and commutations in 1982/1983. In 1987/1988, a solid-state master specialty has been created in addition to the earlier three specializations. Since its establishment, the Graduate Studies in the department has always managed to supply the country with modern scientific programs on the levels of diploma, master’s, and doctoral, and high specialization in the fields of electrical engineering. The Graduate Studies division supervises on all activities related to the graduate studies in the department in coordination with the graduate studies committees in the Electrical and Electronic and Communications Engineering Divisions.     Examination Schedule of the First Semester for the Academic Year ‎2017-2018     Description of the Academic Program     Admission Requirements     Registration Requirements     Graduation Requirements     Admission Plan    

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    Study Plan of Electrical Engineering Division Study Plan of Electronic Engineering Division

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Legal Unit

The legal unit working on regulates the legal affairs of the department in terms of organizing legal guarantee transactions to obtain some trust, confidence or credit for undergraduate and postgraduate students, which is considered one of the conditions of admission in our university.  The unit also give the legal opinion in several transactions in addition to follow-up the counterfeiting issues and all other legal issues in the department. The unit’s staff participating in the membership of investigative committees for the necessity for a legal member in those committees based on the laws and instructions. Moreover, the special commitments for travel fees and marriage fees are achieved in the unit in addition to follow-up the daily mail.


Tasks and Duties of the Unit

The tasks and duties that undertakes by the legal unit are divided into various tasks:


1- Rights

Follow-up the investigative committees doings that are formed in the department and follow-up the fulfillment of its recommendations after the association with the approval of the head of the department or the University president or the minister based on the permissions and coordinate with the legal affairs department in the university for this matter. In addition to follow-up the lawsuits that are held by the unit to claim the rights of the department to others and follow-up the fulfillment of the judgments issued regarding the suits at the relevant implementing directorates.


2- Provide Legal Opinion

The legal unit is responsible for show and make the legal opinion about the requests from the faculty and staff to the department’s presidency. In addition, the unit provides the required opinion about all legal  specialties  such as conclusion of different contracts or disciplinary or civil procedures based on the specific laws.


3- Contracts and Guarantees

The legal unit also organize the contracts to which the department is a party in it for the various topics such as contracts for rent sites of the department, employment contracts, contracts of complete research graduate students within the mechanism of cooperation between the Department and other government institutions.

In addition to the above, the legal unit organizing the legal guarantee transactions which is required to provide them based on the laws and instructions such as the guarantees for the postgraduate students in Iraq or outboard, the guarantees for undergraduate students, and the guarantees for postgraduate students who are accepted on the public channel to preserve the state funds that are available to the student during the period of study.


4- Property

Finally, the legal unit follow-up the property of the department such as cafeterias, kiosks and all related legal actions.

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