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    The first graduate studies program in the department was limited to opening specialized high diploma in power systems and electronics, and it was created in the academic year 1976/1977, which is one year following the establishment of the University of Technology. In the academic year 1981/1982, a high diploma in communication engineering has been created. The first master's program was established in the department in the fields of power system, electronics, and commutations in 1982/1983. In 1987/1988, a solid-state master specialty has been created in addition to the earlier three specializations. Since its establishment, the Graduate Studies in the department has always managed to supply the country with modern scientific programs on the levels of diploma, master’s, and doctoral, and high specialization in the fields of electrical engineering. The Graduate Studies division supervises on all activities related to the graduate studies in the department in coordination with the graduate studies committees in the Electrical and Electronic and Communications Engineering Divisions.     Examination Schedule of the First Semester for the Academic Year ‎2017-2018     Description of the Academic Program     Admission Requirements     Registration Requirements     Graduation Requirements     Admission Plan    

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    Study Plan of Electrical Engineering Division Study Plan of Electronic Engineering Division

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    Graduation Projects of Undergraduate Students

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    Accomplished Decrees in Department of Electrical Engineering 

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    Lectures of Electrical Engineering Division Lectures of Electronic Engineering Division

MSc. These of the Department

M.Sc. Theses of the Department


Student name

Supervisor Name

1 Enhancements of OFA Performance in WDM and DWDM Applications Nour Yahya Jawad Assist. Prof. Dr. Aied khalaf AL-Samarrie 2016
2 Design and Implementation of Mobile Robotic Arm And Emad Raouf Fahmy Dr.Khalida Sh. Rijab 2016
3 Upgrading the Iraq Power Grid:Selective Issues Planning and Evaluation for the (2015-2030) Kazem Mira Suleiman Dr. Qusay Abdul Sattar Majbour

Dr.Qais Matti Alias

4 Intelligent Fault Detection Network for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Systems Utilizing FPGA Hussein Mohsen Hadi

Assist. Prof. Dr.Abbas Hussian Is

5 Reliability of Medium Voltage Distribution Network in Baghdad City Riad Abdullah Ahmed Dr.Thamir M.Abdul Wahhab 2016
6 Fault Tolerant Control Based Sustainable Wind Turbine Asaad Abdalbari Cridi Dr.Manantzer Sami Shaker 2016
7 Feasibility Study of Management of Electricity Peak Load by using Solar PV Hassan Noman Muslim

Assist. Prof. Dr. Afaneen Anwer Abbood

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Saleh

8 Design and Implementation of Dual-Band Band Pass Filters Shahid Fayiz Thabt Dr.Ahmed Saadoon Ezzulddin 2016
9 Miniaturization of Dual-Band BPF using Multilayer Technology Doha Ghazi Hammoud Dr.Raed Tuban Hamad 2016
10 Image Security Over Wireless Sensor Network Haidar Fadel Yassin

Assist. Prof. Dr. Wael Abdelhassen Hadi

11 Design and implementation of prepaid Energy meter Supported by GSM technology Mustafa Abdel-erys Gabr

Assist. Prof. Dr.Eyad Ibrahim Abbas

12 Design Controller Based on an Inverse Identification Ahmed Shaker Abdullah

Assist. Prof. Dr. Mthaq Nieamah Rahima

13 Minimizing of Electric  Power Loss In  Iraqi Distribution System Omar Yasin Saeed Dr.Inaam Ibrahim Ail 2017
14 Design and Simulation of Miniaturized Dielectric Resonator Antenna for LTE MIMO Communication Qassem Mohammed Khalaf Dr. Ali O. Abd Noor

Assist. Prof. Dr. Emad Shehab Ahmed

15 Design of Reconfigurable Antenna for UWB / Multiband Communication Application Salah Mahdi Obeid

Dr. Haider Malik Abdul-Hadi

16 Optimal Power Flow Management System of Plug-In EV with Fuel Cell, Battery and Ultra-Capacitor Energy Storage Ali Fouad Fadel Dr.Uday Ali Ahmed 2017
17 Improve the Performance of Video Object Tracking Based on FPG Aseel Hatem Kitan Assist. Prof. Dr. Thamir Rasheed Saeed 2017
18 State Feedback Nonlinear Control Strategy for Induction Motor Drive Hussein Jalil Ajil Dr.Inaam Ibrahim Ail

Dr. Hanan Mikhail Daoud

19 Control of robot Arm based on EMG signal Vian Baqer Ihsan Dr.Khalida Sh. Rijab 2017
20 Soliton Transmission in DWDM Networks Sadiq Chnouf Mdloul Assist. Prof. Dr.Ali Yosif Fattah 2017
21 Direction of Arrival Estimation for Narrowband and Wideband Communication Signals Dalia Khaled Hassan Dr.Bassim Sayed Mohammed 2017
22 Echo Cancellation in Telecommunication System using Variable Step Size Dynamic Selection Affine Projection Algorithm Sarah Mohammed Matar Dr. Ali O. Abd Noo 2017
23 Performance Analysis of Wireless MIMO-LTE Advance System Khaled Hussein Rashid Assist. Prof. Dr. Ashwaq Qassem Hamid 2017
24 An Artificial Neural Network Based Real-Time Optimal Reactive Power Flow for Improving Operation Efficiency Hassan Ismail Abdel Kadhim Assist. Prof. Dr. Rashid H. AL-Rubayi 2017
25 High Transportation Realization of Wireless Vehicular Communication Systems Based on Bit Error Rate Aba Abdul Zahra Jafar Assist. Prof. Dr. Ashwaq Qassem Hamid 2017
26 Design and Manufacture of Hybrid Smart Car using Electric Charge and Solar Energy Ammar Ahmed Faleh Dr. Ali Hassan Abdul-Hadi

Dr.Ali Jabbar Salem

27 Implementation of intelligent Algorithm for Diagnosis of Disease using FPGA Tabreer Tareq Hasan
Dr.Manal Hammadi Jassim  

Dr. Ivan A. Hashim

28 Analysis of Case Study Run by Differential Relay of Power Transformer Computer Simulation Wael Abdel Hassan Attieh Dr.Inaam Ibrahim Ail 2017

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