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In the Department of Electrical Engineering and in cooperation with the University Follow-up Department, a lecture on the reality of cyber crime and combating electronic extortion was held on Monday, 18/2/2019. The lecture was attended by staff from the Ministry of Internal Affairs included Major General Dr. Saad Maan, Director of Relations and Information in the ministry and number of specialized officers in the field of the cyber crime.
The lecture highlighted ways to immunize students and youth against cases of extortion through social media, smart phones and how to resist extortion.
The lecture was attended by Assist. Prof. Dr. Dari Yousef Mahmoud, Head of the Department, Deputies, Heads of Scientific Branches and a large collection of professors, staff members and students of the department

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019 18:25

Master Thesis Debate


On Thursday, January 24, 2019, and at Dijla Hall in the Department at 9:00 am, the student (Reem Ibrahim Mohammad) defended her master's thesis:

(Mobile Robot Wireless Control System Based on its Application in Dangerous Areas)

The debate committee consisted of: Prof. Dr. Hikmat Najem Abdullah, chairman, Assist. Prof. Dr. Muntader Sami Shaker, member, Dr. Haidar Malik Abdulhadi, member, Assist. Prof Dr. Abbas Hussien Issa, and Dr. Saad Mutashar Abbas as supervisor and member.
The researcher proposed a system to control the movement of mobile robots in the dangerous areas within the internal environments. To achieve this goal, two types of wireless technologies are used to control robot movement and to locate the robot as well. The robot uses ultrasonic sensors to detect and avoid obstacles.
At the end of the debate, the thesis was accepted after minor modifications and the student received an M. Sc degree.

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