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Within the activities of scientific and cultural activity for the first semester of the Department of Electrical Engineering for the academic year ‎2017-2018, each of Dspan>r. Uday Ali Ahmed Assist. Lecturer Hussein Khudair Sayed delivered a lecture entitled "Development of Entrepreneurship Skills in the Iraqi Higher Education System" on Wednesday, 13/3/2018 at Dejla Hall in the presence of the Head of Department Assiat. Prof. Dr.Dari Yousif Mahmoud and Scientific and Administrative Deputiess and The Heads of Scientific Branches and number of teaching staff of the department.

The seminar dealt with developing the skills of the students in the third stage in the field of entrepreneurship in order to work on entrepreneurship projects as graduation projects instead of working on traditional projects that do not cover any need in the Iraqi market. Through this project, part of the students will be able to turn the graduation projects into a job opportunity and market them to the Iraqi market as they cover a community need. This will reduce the unemployment rate of new engineers and provide solutions to some of the community problems.
At the end of the seminar, the discussion and answers to questions and inquiries were opened.

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In the presence of the Scientific Deputy of the President of the university Prof. Dr. Alaa Abdul Hasan Attieh and Head of the Department Assist. Prof. Dari Youssef Mahmoud, the Scientific and Administrative Deputies and Heads of Scientific Branches and a number of teaching staff and staff members of the department, a specialized workshop was established in the Department of Electrical Engineering entitled:

Advanced Semiconductor Devices on Heavy power Drive (Applications)

on Thursday, 27/2/2018 and on Dijla Hall in the department. The workshop was delivered by the visiting expatriate professor Dr. Qassem Hamoudi Al-Akayishi of the United Kingdom. He was a former lecturer in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Technology in the 1980s. The workshop was run by the Administrative Deputy Dr. Kanaan Ali Jalal. The workshop included a review of the most advanced technology of manufacturing semiconductor devices, advanced power electronics, high capacity power outlets, industrial applications and renewable energies. At the end of the workshop, the discussion was opened and the questions and observations were answered. The visiting professor was honored with the shield of the department and a certificate of appreciation for his outstanding efforts in preparing and delivering the lecture.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018 19:16

Scientific trip




Within the series of scientific activities of the Department of Electrical Engineering and fruitful interaction with the ministries and departments of the State, the Department of Electrical Engineering organized a scientific trip for students of the fourth stage / Communications Engineering Branch to the Ministry of Electricity / Operation and Control Department on Thursday 15/3/2018. The trip was under the supervision of Dr. Hussein Karim Khalaf and a number of the teaching staff of the department. Dr. Hussein briefed the students on the work, operation and control and the sections and units of the National Control Center. As well as to identify the reality of the Iraqi national network and the communications system used to manage the transmission of information used between power stations and control and distribution centers. Students were also introduced to the control system used in the management of the National Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) network under the actual network load requirements. As well as dealing with increased demand for energy and address the bottlenecks in the network and dealing with the state of breakdown that may occur. The students were received by a number of engineers working in the department, where they provided a full explanation of the practical and applicable reality in the system. At the conclusion of the visit, the students and their supervisors expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts exerted in making the visit a success in support of scientific communication between the university and state institutions.

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A joint meeting was held between a delegation from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Head of Electrical Engineering Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Dari Yousef Mahmoud. On Monday, 12/3/2018, the meeting reviewed and discussed the mechanism of cooperation with the university in the field of supporting students and graduates of the department and providing job opportunities for graduates in the implementation of their projects and the ministry. Both sides expressed willingness to cooperate in order to make this cooperation a success.

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The Department of Electrical Engineering donated 5,000 scientific and engineering books to the Central Library of Mosul University in the field of electrical engineering in a unique and distinguished initiative at the level of Iraqi departments and universities in order to support the universities of the liberated governorates. The titles included useful books, resources and references in the field of power engineering, electrical machinery engineering, electronics, power electronics, communications engineering, microwave and electrical control systems.
The books were delivered to the Secretary-General of the Central Library of Mosul University, Dr. Essam, who expressed his thanks and appreciation for this initiative by the Department of Electrical Engineering, which contributes greatly to provide the library of the University of Mosul and the Library of the Faculty of Engineering books, sources and references in the field of electrical engineering for preliminary and higher studies.

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