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The Department of Electrical Engineering participated in the activities of the Third Scientific Conference of Engineering Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Diyala for the period 10-11 / 1/2018 and under the auspices of the IEEE branch of Iraq.
The participation was embodied by the Head of the Department
Assist. Prof. Dr. Dhari Yousif Mahmood who participated in the work of the first session of the axis of electrical and electronic engineering.

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In the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Microwave Research Group in the Electronic Engineering Branch accomplished a patent in microwave engineering / microwave oven. The patent obtained by Prof. Jawad Kazim Ali, the group leader, Dr. Ali Jabbar Salem, member of the group and M.Sc. student Haider Salah Ahmed, deals with the leaks in the systems and devices used in various medical, military and household applications that operate in microwave sources.
The scientific test of the system was carried out on the home microwave ovens and the results were very good in reducing the leaks that were deliberately produced. The idea of treatment is to design multi-cell filters on the operating frequency and are scientifically appropriate. The filters were manufactured at the Electronic Design Center at the Ministry of Science and Technology. Filters can be redesigned to suit any other systems for the same purpose.

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The Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control in the Ministry of Planning granted a patent to Assist. Prof. Dr. Sinan Majid Abdel-Sattar in the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Technology, in cooperation with a group of university students on the design applied by them on a new method for evaluating and reducing the distortion of cameras.
Within the classification of G03B5 / 02, G03B43 / 00, a new automatic selection algorithm was developed as the best model for radial distortion of four different focal length lenses using statistical information standards, reversing the selected model using accurate inverse formulas and obtaining the least value of distortion parameters. The new method requires the use of the chessboard pattern for testing, the camera is directed to the test pattern, five images are taken from different locations and calibrated using Chang's calibration method to present the calibration spreadsheet and apply it in statistical methods.

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In the presence of the Head of the Department, Assist. Prof. Dr. Dhari Yousif Mahmood, the Deputies, the Heads of the Scientific Branches, the department members and a number of associates, the Electrical Engineering Department held a ceremony honoring Dr. Tha'era Zakaria al-Tayyar on the occasion of her retirement. The Head of the Department presented the shield of the department with a certificate of appreciation for outstanding efforts which she spent during her years of service in the university and the department, which was an example of teaching sincere, perseverance and dedicated in the performance of her teaching mission, wishing her continued success and further to serve our dear country. Dr. Tha'era expressed her pride in this initiative by the Head of the department in honoring its employees.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 16:11

The department organizes a scientific trip




Within the framework of the scientific activities of the Department of Electrical Engineering and fruitful interaction with the ministries and departments of the State, the Department of Electrical Engineering organized a scientific trip for students of the fourth stage / Electrical Engineering Branch to the Ministry of Electricity / Department of Operation and Control on Thursday, 28/12/2017. The trip was supervised by Dr. Mohammed Khudair and a number of lecturers and engineers of the branch. Where he briefed the students on the work, operation, control of the sections and units of the National Control Center. In addition to identifying the reality of the Iraqi national network in light of the requirements of the actual load of the network. As well as dealing with increasing demand for energy and address the bottlenecks in the network and deal with the state of possible failures. The students were received by the Director General of the Department of Operation and Control and a number of engineers working in the department. At the conclusion of the visit, the students and their supervisors expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts exerted in making the visit a success in support of scientific communication between the university and state institutions.

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